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Our Explore program for beginning dancing includes many styles: ballet, tap, jazz, acro, and others. Explore students will learn to increase muscular strength and endurance. They also to improve their coordination by pushing themselves to use the entire body simultaneously. Through repetition and rehearsal, learning choreography and dance technique will help a child absorb ideas better, improving mental dexterity. Explore encourages students to find their own movement voice, building confidence and self-esteem. Students will also teach each other choreography, increasing teamwork and social skills. 

Explore 1 for ages 6-8
Explore 1 Ballet
Explore 1 Jazz and Tap
Explore 1 Acro

Explore 2 for ages 8-10
Explore 2 Ballet
Explore 2 Jazz and Tap
Explore 2 Acro
Explore 2 Hip Hop

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" My kids have been a part of the Summit Dance family for a number of years. As a former dancer myself, I love the family feel of the studio and how Kelly and the teachers allow the kids to express themselves through dance. Over the years, I have seen such a difference in my daughter in particular. She's developed such confidence through dance. Just a few years ago she was so shy, barely wanting to go into class. Her teachers showed such patience with her! Now her confidence has blossomed and she truly loves being on stage!"

Explore 3 for ages 8-10 (Invite only)
Explore 3 Ballet
Explore 3 Ballet Technique

Explore 3 Acro
Explore Combo classes for ages 6 - 10
Explore Broadway
Explore Class Offerings:

*See FAQ for information on when classes are offered. Hover over each class for class description

Summit Dance has a long standing history with Summit County since 1983. We have locations in Breckenridge and Frisco with ample parking on site.